Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tablet Music Making

Hello, there!

The state of virtual instruments for the Nokia Tablets has been very, very sad... (My PyAno has been very lonely!) Until these two beauties came along, that is.

Two applications have made the N8x0s into some amazing music making machines! I just stumbled across them while browsing the Application Manager. Why had I never seen these two before??

Boxar and Theremin are available in Maemo Extras and Extras Devel... Go check them out! They're very compact programs and pack a big punch. Amazing stuff. I haven't put down my tablet yet today ;)

They're in the repos... but here are direct links if you're browsing from your tablet :)

Click for the install file ------------Click for the install file

Here's a video of Boxar, for your enjoyment...

And one of Theremin...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Even More Maemo Backgrounds

Hello, everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! (And a great day, even if you didn't celebrate it :D ) I spent my holiday away from home and I took some pretty pictures that look wonderful on my tablet, and I wanted to share. Hope you like em! :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Your Tablet as a Keyboard and Mouse

Ever wanted to use your tablet as a bluetooth keyboard and mouse? I have.

Finally, someone took up this task and has succeeded. BlueMaemo turns your tablet into an input device for your PC. (And, yes, right+left mouse clicks, scroll wheel functionality, and customizable keymaps are all there, not to mention media and presentation controls.)

I've tried this baby out with Ubuntu Hardy, and works perfectly. It is also confirmed working with Windows XP and Vista. Mac, on the other hand... Well, it might be another story. If you're interested, please see the original discussion.

And, my advice... Get it now!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

AirX 0.3!


AirX 0.3 from Tyler Longwell on Vimeo.

AirX is a GUI for X Forwarding. What that means is that it enables you to use any program you have on your Linux PC on your tablet. Nice, hm? There are some nice improvements in 0.3.

The original AirX was just an introduction to programming for myself, but I wanted to make something useful out of it now.

The ease of administrating my home server from anywhere without the need of a command line is wonderful.

I don't have to type in my user name, password, IP address, or anything else. AirX remembers it for me and lets me run whatever I need easily and simply.

You can grab AirX HERE and try it out.
(Pexpect must be installed, too. It is on that page.

Please post any bugs, explosions, or suggestions here!

Oh, and you're really awesome if you can name the background music in the video... ;)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

PyAno 1.0!

Always wanted to make music with your tablet, but had nothing to jam with unless you wanted to use it as a drum stick? Well, no more :)

PyAno 1.0 for Maemo from Tyler Longwell on Vimeo.

PyAno 1.0 is a great update to the past editions. I thought that maybe I should release it.

Updates include:

- Two octaves of notes.
- Octaves can be controlled by hardware or onscreen buttons.
- Fullscreen can be toggled on or off by hardware key.
- N810 owners can now play PyAno with their hardware keyboards.*
- Each note is now in tune with a regular piano.
- Dependencies have been fixed.

Get it HERE while it's hot!

Please leave suggestion here or on the iTT forums.

Until next time... Enjoy!

* N810 owners, "z" is the lowest note, from there you can go across to "m." Next are "a" through "g."

Friday, August 8, 2008

Faster Cards, Anyone?

Great news for 770 and N8x0 owners alike. A simple guide has been written on how to put quite a bit more pep into your cloned OS or other mmc fun.

The guide that bunanson wrote is perfect for anyone looking to boost the read and write on their memory cards. He tells you how to install Fanoush's 48 mhz kernel and then clone your os.

And, since you have that fancy new kernel installed... Cloning takes less than half the time it normally would ;)

This thing might even breath a whole new life into your 770. Bunanson installed the kernel and cloned his os "and the 770 is running just as peppy as my N810."

Definitely sounds good, bun.

Check it out here at the iTT forums.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

XP Theme For the IT

Hello, tablet junkies!

Currently under development by iTT member, MaemoBox founder, and the creator of TabletOS andrewfblack is a Windows XP theme for the tablets. This is a promising beginning for a completely new look on the NITs.

Right now it is just getting started, but if you head over to this post you can grab a .deb and some more screenshots.

Very well done for what's there! Lets hope everything else added to this theme looks just as good.

(Oh, and by the way, check out MaemoBox and TabletOS, which is still in development. They both look promising from here.)