Thursday, December 27, 2007

The N810


Alright, alright, I know. Every blogger and their grandmother has already done an article on the N810. Who cares ;)

I love this thing. All those who have had N800's and have been writing probably have a very different point of view than someone who has been stuck with an N770 since forever. The N810 feel sooo fast and so much like a real computer. The keyboard, I had rallied against never, ever, ever putting a keyboard on the Tablets. I was wrong.

The keyboard is awesome, I love it, typing is so much faster with it, and... it actually looks and feels cool as hell when you slide it out. It feels really solid.

The other great features I love are the network and bluetooth folders in file manager. I didn't even notice that until this morning, I've been waiting for this since... forever!

Huge improvement in the UI, as you all know, but I actually deigned to put applets on my desktop. Because they actually look good. The 2005, 2006, and 2007 applet style made the desktop look like utter crap, but these actually make it look better, and I love em'.


Oh, and, my headphones I bought a year ago finally work by default. Yes, go Nokia! Bluetooth headphones are able to be paired and heard out of without any mussing.

Thanks a lot everyone on the Maemo team and those at Nokia who have made these and the immense amount of other improvements possible. I can't wait for os2009 ;-)

*Thank to Tim for that amazing wallpaper. Check out his site :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007



A while ago, I had come across a version of the Gambatte Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator. I loved it. It ran sooo well on my 770 that I was actually able to use it to play games. (Thank you dblank! Original post is here if you wish to say Thanks.)

Gambatte runs really well for some reason and, on a 770 even, you can get almost a hundred percent speed while at three times the screen multiplication! Imagine playing on an N810 :)

So, I decided to make a super-simple frontend and to package it for everyone to enjoy. (Package. by. hand. directory. by. directory. file. by. file. damnedable. scratchbox!^%&@(@)


Python is required to run PyBoy!

Ok, so, here, this is the package PyBoy which contains Gambatte and my little frontend, all of my code is GPL'd:

If you can't install Python, Gambatte can be called from the commandline as such: gambatte -i enter f4 f7 f8 up down left right -s 2 -r 44100

See ya' :)

(Oh, and, you know, if you find any of my little apps even remotely useful or amusing, maybe you could donate a bit, hm? Yellow button on the right of the site ;) Thanks)

I Love Santa

How did he know?

That's me and two of my favorite Christmas gifts :-) Expect some random musings about the N810 soon. (It has to charge ;) Yea')

Merry Christmas my friends! Adieu for now!

Monday, December 24, 2007

AirX and MediaMote Together


Previously (due to my ignorance and stupidity) AirX and MediaMote were unable to be installed together because they installed the same files in the same locations (files that I needed for both of them). App manager didn't like this, so you could only have one installed, but this has been fixed in these releases, so please, if you want to install both, following these steps...

1. Uninstall AirX or MediaMote from your tablet (Or nothing if you don't have either)
2. Install the Pexpect, then AirX from here.
3. Install MediaMote from here

MediaMote and AirX BOTH require Pexpect to be installed!!! If you only want to install one app, Pexpect must be installed no matter what!

And, as always Python and SSH must be installed on the tablet, and an SSH server must be installed on your Linux PC. (For Ubuntu users, use "sudo apt-get install openssh-server" to install an SSH server.)

You can see videos of each on Youtube!

AirX: Here
MediaMote: Here


Sunday, December 23, 2007



Another little app I decided to write up tonight. This is a program that allows you to control XMMS on a Linux PC over Wi-Fi.

But, as of now, it has the limitations that it cannot be installed at the same time as AirX (I have to work around this, eventually...) and that XMMS must already be running on the PC for MediaMote to control it.

Please tell me of any errors, and if it will not start for some reason, please run it as "mediamote" from the command line and tell me what it says.

You only need to click "Connect and Start XMMS..." once when you enter a computer's information. Then it is stored. You may change it when you use another computer, or if your computer changes it's IP address.

Python must be installed to use. SSH must be installed on the tablet and an SSH server must be installed on the PC running XMMS.

Alrighty then, this is released under the GNU GPL:
Please See THIS Post For Install!

Please report bugs to:




So, after being thoroughly frustrated with my other project, I decided to have a go at an idea I had a while ago. AirX is a GUI front end for X Forwarding. What does that mean? That's means you can have any and every app and program you use on your Linux PC on your tablet. Sweet, hn? That means Firefox, Gimp, Open Office, Gedit, anything you can think of, and without having to touch the command line. (This is intended for non-Linux-techie end-users, but those who are familiar with Linux may find it handy, too).

SSH and Python must be installed to use.

Alright, the following application is released under the GNU GPL:
Please See THIS Post For Install!

Please report any errors or comments at:

Friday, December 21, 2007

iTablet as Home Desktop

You know, every time I re-read that title, I can't stop getting this giddy feeling ;)

So, iTablet, my application launcher. Well, turns out, I'm an idiot (everyone knew that but me apparently) and I'm going to try to turn this into a practical replacement (or complement) to the current Maemo desktop. (Again, laughing as I type). I think it's possible, I really do. I've actually started using 0.08 (Which has been released on ) a lot. I mean, I've almost completely stopped using the norm. Here's a little vid of iTablet as more than just an app launcher, hope you like it!

I'm pretty happy right now :-)

So, let me make a little list of what needs to happen in order for me to atleast use this 24/7. (Feel free to add!)

1. Launch all applications (thinkin' on this one)
2. Status plugins (battery, volume, and network are in the works thanks to a friend)
3. Switching between apps with hardware button (x_x I have no idea)
4. Ehm... can't think of anything else that I use that the current desktop has ;)

And I just want to say thanks to all those reading RMUG and all those using iTablet. (It'd be nice to have an iTablet user's thread at Internet Tablet Talk, hmm? ;) Thanks you guys, you're all great)

See ya'!

KDE Office Suite


The amazing and highly productive Penguinbait again brings some amazing software to the Internet Tablets. KOffice. The whole thing.

This and the newest version of KDE that Penguinbait put out are compiled specifically for Os2008 and it's devices (n800, n810). It's first major released to the public should be soon. Expect much and check out the evolving details here. Just hope PB gets that new tablet soon, so that we get a release soon :-)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

iTablet 0.07 and It's Site!


iTablet now has it's very own web site! Check it out (please excuse the poor GIMP abilities I posses, as well). iTablet Official Site

iTablet version 0.07! Almost to 0.1, where it will be in beta stage... But, for now, updates and loads of bug fixes. The most obvious update is the change of icons, so I don't incur the wrath of the great fruit.

But, aside from that, major revisions and bug fixes in the configuration utility. And, no more blank dialog boxes popping up, and now you can open them more the once a session (I can't believe I finally got around to figuring that out) ;) Alright! (Remeber to check out iTablet.Garage.Maemo.Org) :) Here ya' go:

The following application is released under the GNU GPL:
iTablet 0.07 Deb

And, as always, Python MUST be installed to run iTablet. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

iTablet 0.06

Hiya :)

How goes it? It goes well for iTablet, everyone! This update includes a neat little trick. You want more buttons? Really? More things to customize and muss with? Well, here you go:

These buttons won't appear by default, you can actually make them appear by clicking the Gears Button. Then, when you are done with iTablet, just re-click the Gears Button and the configuration utility will pop up just like it did before. None of the buttons have any real program set to launch from them, so you'll have to set whatever you want to launch. (I couldn't think of anything, sorry.) Oh, and the dark theme the configurator had going on, it's gone, easier on the eyes the way it is now ^_^

Here is the link!

The following application is released under the GNU GPL:


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

iTablet 0.05!


iTablet version 0.05! Woo! Another small step has been taken. This release includes a revamped and completely finger friendly configuration utility. I admit, it is a little hard on the eyes, but it's a lot better than the "dialog configurator" I had set it to use before. It needs a lot of work, but it's getting there ;)

Oh, and more great news :) iTablet is now an official project in the Maemo Garage. Pretty sweet, hn? That means no more crappy file upload site to download the debs from, just good ole' And... here is the download link. (Be sure that Python 2.5 is installed!)

The following program is released under the GNU GPL:

Monday, December 17, 2007

iTablet 0.04 Release


Another small, but infinitely nice, update to iTablet. Now you can customize the image on each button. Quite a few bugs have been fixed, but as always, this is alpha (maybe, maybe, maybe beta) quality code. I hope you enjoy! :) 

(And, if any real developers were wondering, I wasn't trying to write the world's most inefficient code... It just kinda came out that way ;) Nyeah!)

The following application is released under the GNU GPL:

Sunday, December 16, 2007

iTablet 0.03 Release


Here is a small (but useful) little update. This is simply a change to the way you are able to configure each button. Right now, it only incorporates the button's command, but next should be the ability to configure the picture or position on/of the button.

Oh, I have forgotten to mention that Python must be installed to run this. Yes, Python 2.5.

This update means no more tinkering with a python configuration file ;) To edit the the commands, click on the button with the gears on it. Enjoy!

Please uninstall all other versions of iTablet or iMaemo before installing this version.

EDIT: Typo in has been fixed, this is the updated link.

The following program is released under the GNU GPL:

Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Riddle for My Readers


Without any virtual desktop software (like VNC or Rdesktop) and without using up all my life rigging firefox.... How do I have Firefox running on my N770, watching a Youtube video on my site? ;) If you know... you are clearly an active member of The Internet Tablet Talk Forums *hint hint* And if not, you should be, it's a great site.

I'll be testing this further to see what is practical, and I might even rig an app up for easy use from anywhere. (It's nothing special at all, but non-linux users have probably never heard of forwarding ;) Hm...)

And... here's the pudding ;)


Tuesday, December 4, 2007



The application formerly known as iMaemo has been changed to iTablet. Why? Because, again, I'm lazy(a moron) and didn't read anything about the legality of using Maemo in the name of my app. (Thanks for telling me about that, Quim!)

So, please, enjoy iTablet ;)

Monday, December 3, 2007

The Release of iTablet!

Well, halo thar!

This is the announcement of my pointless, iPhone like(I guess? XD), application launcher for Maemo. It is practically useless(I will make it very practical in the future though, if I am able to implement Tony's Kinetic Scrolling Widget ;) You know, for... practical purposes!) Ok, ok... so... be warned, this is an ALPHA grade application. It won't brick your tablet, no change in hell, but it might bore you to death.

Here is the deb for you to install:

(The following program is released under the GNU GPL)

Ok, but! There are some minor(ok, not so minor) glitches(bugs!) in version 0.02...

1. The only way to close the app is by clicking the gears(preferences) and by hitting "Save Preferences", which will automatically close the app.

... Ehm, can't have to many flaws in such a small program, I guess...

What the buttons do by default:

The Calculator Button: Launches the built-in calculator.

The Gears Button: Launches a preferences dialog so that you can change what each button launches, closes program on completion.

The Map Button: I have never installed Maemo Maps, so I don't know what the command to launch it is... so... you will have to customize it to maps.

The Camera Button: Launches the image viewer. For you lucky N800 and N810 owners, you can just set it to the camera app easily.

The Mail Button: Launches the built-in mail client.

The Notes Button: Launches the built-in notes app.

The Calendar Button: Nothing, you can customize it as you wish.

The Graph Button: Open up an x-term running the "top" program, showing CPU and memory usage of running apps.

The Sun Flower Button: Opens the built-in filemanager.

The Safari Button: Open the built-in browser.

The iPod Button: Opens the built-in music app.

The Phone Button: Open the built-in chat app.

Customizing What Your Buttons Do:

When you click the "gears button" a small dialog comes up containing the deafault settings, ie...

browsec = "/usr/bin/browser"

Ok, looks complicated? It's not. See the name browsec? It just stands for Browser Command. (All the Cs stand for command!) The "/usr/bin/browser" is the FULL PATH to the executable. It will not work if you just put in the command. BUT WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT: Since I am a moron and very lazy, YOU MUST KEEP THE COMMAND IN QUOTES! If it goes out of quotes, iTablet won't launch. Okies? Awesome.

Some more friendly will be in verson 0.03 ;)

Alright, that's it, my friends, enjoy the alpha release of iTablet.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

iTablet Version 0.02


Nice little update to my pointless app launcher, iTablet, here's a vid to boot ;)

EDIT: Screenshot

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Entering the Ring


Believe it or not, RMUG readers, I didn't die over my month long absence ;)

Just wanted to say I'm officially attempting to learn to program, great, huh? This is my first little attempt (and I'm sure the god developers will scoff(I would!) and think me an ass, but, alas). Here's the pre-alpha-alpha iMaemo app launcher of pointlessness ^^'