Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wallpapers From the Sea


Just wanted to share some wallpapers I made for the tablets from my vacation photos, hope you like. :-)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Hacker Edition: Reloaded

Oooooh, so pretty!

Finally, Chinook has been released for the N770, and lucky for me, I haven't tossed mine away, yet. I have to say, after using my N810, the 2007os GUI was complete garbage, and I'm just so happy to have this new style available on my old clunker of a tablet.

I love this release.

All and all, it is a bit unstable, though. That's why it's a hacker edition, not a skittish end user edition.

There is still no chance in hell that I will ever put 2006 or '07 back, though. I really do love it. The browser works a million (maybe I'm exaggerating, a little) times better than the 07 default. It is a bit slower, no doubt, but it renders pages much more accurately than previously possible on the 770.

So, if you're not afraid of some small troubles... I definitely reccomend slapping this Hacker Edition on your Tablet. Thumbs up and thanks a lot Nokia and the guys at Maemo HQ.

Get it here!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Trade Off

Oh bugger'

Well, hello! Finally, I am able to use my laptop again! Keyboard and trackpad are back to their normal selves thanks to a bit of mussing (and a load of luck!).

But, now, well, the bad news. (Or good, depending how you look at it.)

My N810, the device I love so much, has been refusing to turn on 80% of the time. (I know, lots of other users with this problem, too, bah!) So, I decided to return it to Amazon. Great experience, actually. Amazon was wonderful in the matter. My new N810 has already been sent out and I even received an email from an actual human (not bulk crap!) stating how sorry they were for this problem. I will definitely, definitely continue doing business with Amazon, absolutely amazing and insanely speedy.

So, expect some updates and maybe I new app I've been thinking about when that N810 reaches me :)