Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bright Idea?

Hello, hello!

I can't believe we don't have one. Have what? you ask. An Ideastorm. That word just rolls of the the tongue, hn? ;-)

Dell and Ubuntu have established Ideastorms (Ubuntu = Brainstorm) and they have worked amazingly well, so there is proof of concept.

But, why would we as a maemo community need one? Simple: New, great ideas absolutely litter places like iTT, but there is no way to hit home with that, except bugzilla (which is official looking and scary ;) Eh?).

We need an Ideastorm as a simple and organized way to let Nokia see what their users (not developers, already plenty of input from devs to Nokia) want.

So, when does it go up? ;-)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Why Not Skip Ahead? (KDE4 for ITs)

Hello, hello! Long time no see, eh? Well, hasn't been too very much exciting news in the Maemo world that I've gotten to spread first lately, but there is something quite amazing going on.

Within days of release, your friendly neighborhood uberhackers (Penguinbait and Wolf08) have already begun work on the porting of KDE 4 to the Nokia Internet Tablets. Yes, I didn't believe it either, but, a picture is worth a thousand words. Here's~ Dolphin! (The KDE 4 File Manager)

And, for the uninitiated, KDE4 is simply amazing. (I am posting this from it at this very moment, mon amie.) The improvements are much more than skin deep (but it's skin is certainly exquistite, nonetheless). The core of this release has been amped to efficiency levels beyond anything that KDE3 (and, in my personal opinion, GNOME as well) has ever, ever achieved.

Ergo (love that word, Latin geek), KDE4 should run much, much faster then Penguinbait's old KDE3 port.

You can catch the original post at ITT here, join the discussion, encourage our favorite hackers :D

Oh, and some screens (I can't help myself) of Qt compiled for Maemo. And, no, this is not from Nokia, I dragged this out of scratchbox kicking and screaming. You guys know the feeling, right? If it looks this nice after Nokia is done with it, I will embrace Qt (almost) wholeheartedly. ;-)

(Is that a decent text editor I see, running on OS2008 without a hitch, that can supposedly export as a PDF, html, rich text, or plain text? Golly gosh, guys and gals, we might have something here! These are just the bloody demos: A full Web Browser, a full Text Editor, a Media Player, and many others...)