Saturday, May 31, 2008

Debian On the N8X0


More great news! Yes, lots lately, I know. All you N800 and N810 users now have an alternate OS to choose from. Debian. Yes, another member of ITT has brought the whole system to tablets. This comes complete with XFCE, Epiphany, and all the software in the Debian armel repositories. Which is a lot of stuff. That means Open Office, Gimp, and more. (That's how OO was running in an earlier post here.)

Oh, and did I mention you can run all those apps inside Maemo once they're installed, thanks to another mem? Nice, huh ;)

Just wanted to put it out there, get instruction for install and follow the progress here and Internet Tablet Talk!

Monday, May 19, 2008

So Close to Complete!

Hello, hello! More wonderful news from the trenches at iTT! It seems that more amazing software is coming from the community there than ever before. So, without further adieu, I present OpenOffice running natively on a Nokia Internet Tablet :-)

Pretty spiffy, eh? Debian has been released for the tablets, and hacker Qole has set about utilizing this amazing new port. The Debian guys are awesome, porting everything they can to the armel processor (the one in your tablet).

And, if you are wondering, this is not x forwarding. It is actually running on the tablet!

Oh, that is not the only thing you can install under Debian... How about GIMP? XFCE? IceWM? All there. And what can we say about the uber-devs who brought this?

You guys rock. Hard.

XFCE sure does look pretty on that nice 800x480 screen ;)

And I hear it really purrs, too.

Gimp, from Debian, inside Penguinbait's KDE port. So much awesomeness all around!

With all these new apps at out fingertips, the tablet is almost complete software-wise.

(That sentiment actually makes me smile.)


Saturday, May 17, 2008

What Can Your Tablet Look Like?

Well, I recently took the liberty of changing my tablet's theme around. And now, I have decided to share some other's beautiful mods to show just how awesome the Nokia tablets can look. I have really gotten tired of reading about how horrid the UI is. It's not.

It's awesome.

Firstly, lets set the geek level to ten... Star trek, anyone?

Then, how bout a nice, darker touch?

Ah, some nice home applets a la' Khertan.

Oh-ho, what is that I see? Is that a mac? No~ That is a Nokia Internet Tablet running Basilisk with a rotated screen. And, is that also a Windows emulator... INSIDE a of a Mac emulator? (Soft Windows) Dear lord.

More custom icons, nice wallpaper.

KDE in action.

My tablet. Iconless and elegant.

Well, never knew your tablet could look like that, eh? If you like any, check out the thread with all the info you'll ever need: here.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Diablo Escapes


Yes. Some intrepid hackers at Internet Tablet Talk have done it. Diablo is officially on non-nokia people's tablets. I being one of them ;)

This is very far from release, but has some improvements. Most notably is that Diablo's flash player is much, much faster. Next would be an updated X-term, pretty nice.

Oh, and did I mention that it comes with two mail clients? Odd, but Modest is there.

There is also a development tool, but it allows the N8x0 to suspend to memory. NICE!

The Application Manager is also improved, you now get update alerts in the notification area.

What I'd really like to see though, is a new build of the browser engine. Still the same old code. But, I really do like this. Even though it may be months till it is released.

Great work guys! Uber-devs at Nokia are really doing some great stuff.

All these photos are Qwerty12's! He is the genius who got this working. Check out the updates at this thread. (You may need to skip to about page 21, though ;) That many posts!)