Friday, July 11, 2008


Well, hello!

Recently, I began using Jott. It's amazing, first of all. Basically, it's super accurate speech to text from your cell phone. For free. That's right, it'll translate what you say and put it into an email, text message, or twitter/blogger/whatever and send it out automatically.

It can also read your favorite RSS feeds to you over your cell phone, again, for free. (You can now get RMUG through Jott! Check out the button on the right side of the site.)

I've been using it to call from my cell, then send an email to myself with any notes I might have. "Wow, Fernando Botero is at the Museum, maybe I should volunteer there again... Call and see."

Then, later, when I look at my tablet, it's flashing a deep blue. "Oh, I have a message." It's from me. Speech to text, there is my message to myself about that museum. Very, very nice.

And, since Jott has applications for the Blacberry and iPhone, I thought I'd write them about the tablets. This would make the N810 so. freaking. cool.

Hopefully they'll write me back and I'll post the scoop here. Until then, check out the site, sign up, and be amazed. (Oh, and don't forget to subscribe to RMUG so you can hear it over your phone!)

Until then, adieu!

Monday, July 7, 2008

KDE 4 for Maemo (Again!)

Hello, hello!

Drizek at the iTT forums has let everyone know that KDE 4 runs on Maemo. Sweet.

A KDE dev (by the name of mkruisselbrink) has ported it to Maemo, and is even working on a way to have right click on a touchscreen alone. This guy is good.

Check out his post and the original article! Maemo and the tablets have been getting much more interesting over the past week. :D

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Debian for Everyone!

Greetings, everyone! More great news from iTT!

Now, earlier, I had told you guys about Debian for the Tablets, right? Well, now, everyone can install Debian with the click of a button. Just like that Android install ;)

All you do is install a deb, then run the installer from the Extras menu. Boom!

No partitioning, no command line, no worries. Your files on your tablet and memory cards stay completely intact! Nice! With Debian installed you of course get Firefox 3, Java, Open Office, Abiword, and IceWM. Pretty sweet, eh?

I don't want to steal Qole's (the genius who built this baby) thunder, so here it is: Easy Debian for Everyone!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

"Random Musings of a Useless Geek" Wordle

Yes, after I saw this post from Carlos, I just had to ;) I had no idea I mentioned Debian so so much!

Automatic Install for Android Applications!

You see that? That is genius, my friend. That is some good ol' fashion magic worked at the hands of Penguinbait. Alright, so, what is that, really? That is an android application. Now, guess how I installed it?

I downloaded one file to my memory card. Then, started Android.

That's it.

Get it while it's hot! Automatic application installation! (Say that five times fast.)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Android on the N810 Made Easy

Well hello, hello!

Another amazing feat by the master porter himself and the man who brought who you an "early" ;) Diablo, Penguinbait and Qwerty12. Google's Android is now as easy as installing an application. No command line. At all.

PB, Qwerty, we love you.


I've installed this little puppy and it's awesome. Touchscreen works. The browser is fully functional and pretty smooth. Maps, check. And, best of all, you can install more apps, although that may require a command line. This is an amazing step in the right direction.

In my almost-semi-professional opinion... Install now!

I still can't believe it was this easy to install! Thanks you guys!!! :D